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Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains Map

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First ever map of the last unexplored mountains on the planet, the Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains in Antarctica. They are comparable in size to the Alps. From antarctica.ac.uk: "The mission to uncover secrets of the enigmatic Gamburtsev subglacial mountains has been accomplished, with the first glimpse of a landscape buried under up to 4km (2.5 miles) of ice revealed. The Antarctica's Gamburstev Province (AGAP) project - one of the most ambitious, challenging and adventurous ‘deep field’ Antarctic missions of the International Polar Year - has captured the first clear picture of the mysterious mountain range discovered by Russian scientists 50 years ago. The Gamburtsev subglacial mountains are thought to be the birthplace of the vast East Antarctic Ice Sheet that covers 10 million km2 of our planet."

Created 2009
From antarctica.ac.uk

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Feb 24, 2009

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This is fantastic! Thanks for adding it!

megpecaut, Feb 25, 2009

I can't believe this place! It's untouched by humans. I hope we don't mess it up like we're doing to the gulf...

garyhgaryh, Jun 11, 2010
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