mappery is a diverse collection of real life maps contributed by map lovers worldwide. For the first time it allows people to easily find relevant and interesting maps of yet unknown places by visually browsing a larger context. mappery makes it easy to find and explore maps by keyword, location, or simply by browsing a map.

It includes tourist maps, ski trail maps, college campus maps, national park maps, transportation maps, theme park maps, battlefield maps, and many other types.


Have you ever wished that you could find the right maps to research and plan a trip or activity before heading out and 'winging it' on the chance that you'll find the right map when you get near? With mappery, you can find relevant maps about where you want to go before you go. Find maps by keyword, location, or simply by browsing an interactive map.


Browse mappery for maps related to the activity or topic that you're interested in and get a fuller sense about a place before you go. Explore maps in either an interactive Map View or a Gallery View. mappery puts the eye candy front-and-center and lets you peruse maps visually.


If you've been somewhere and found the killer map, add it to the mappery collection with your thoughts to help others or even yourself the next time you decide to go there. mappery relies on community contributions to obtain the most up-to-date, interesting, and quality maps available. As well, anyone can add comments to any map in the collection to let others know their thoughts, advice, or any recent changes related to the map.

Never get lost

OK, no guarantees, but arming yourself with the right map ahead of time can only help.


“Are you a mapaholic?”

We once read that the one thing that can hold someone’s attention the longest on a single sheet of paper is a map. So true for us! We've spent our entire lives loving and studying maps. As children, we surrounded ourselves with them by writing off to the National Park Service and by collecting ski trail maps. We stored piles of maps in old shoeboxes and brought them out now and then to browse through and admire them. A good map is not only a useful tool but a riveting work of art.

But finding good maps isn’t easy. Often you can only find them if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

We created mappery to provide a way for people to "discover" maps in new ways by applying the Web's very unique ability to surface new places and things. mappery makes it easy for people to find maps not only of familiar places through specific searches, but also of yet unknown places by visually browsing a larger context. All maps are tied to the actual locations that they cover and are identified with keywords.

For example, if you want to visit a state park with great hiking trails in your area but have never heard of the nearby Big Basin State Park, mappery lets you browse all state parks in the region on a larger map and, in effect, discover Big Basin’s trail map. Then you can click through to the source site to get more information. This brings more visitors to the original site coming in sideways through a visual browse, not only through explicit purpose-driven searches. Additionally, categorizing maps in other meaningful ways, such as by activity or other relevant keywords, also helps bring people to the maps best suited for them.

Our hope is that these ways of presenting and organizing maps in an aggregated, contextualized way will help make looking for maps both more efficient and more fun. We believe this pull for users to browse "to see what's out there" will happen when many maps can be found in one centralized place, instead of in separate silos across the web.

mappery can serve as a compelling showcase for map owners to post samples of their maps to promote them and generate even more types of traffic -- supplementing the current purpose-driven search traffic -- and drive further relevance and additional revenue to their own sites. If you would like a map to be considered for addition to the upcoming Featured Maps section of the site, please contact info@mappery.com, thanks.

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Feedback much appreciated

Just like a good map on a piece of paper, your feedback is the single thing in our Inbox that can hold our attention the longest. Please use the "Feedback" tab on the left side of the homepage or send on any thoughts, suggestions, criticisms to feedback@mappery.com, thanks for your help!

Other inquiries

For more information or questions about mappery, please email info@mappery.com.