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Rotorm - Survival Products True, the maximum for the same, but with the use of a knife or nunchaku (Art. Same, part 3) - this is from 4 to 7 years in prison. In this chapter, I briefly, with wide strokes, outlined the worst that can await you if the weapons that I put in your hands turn against you. Therefore, before agreeing to a dubious offer to earn some money (and such offers are very possible as soon as information about your skill leaks out of the gym), think about it. I have repeatedly been asked to move a bag from one place to another (99% of these are drugs - Art. 228 - up to 3 years in prison minimum (part 1), from 7 to 15 with confiscation - maximum (art. Same, part 4) , help a woman “pick up a car from her husband’s garage, which does not allow her to ride” (“Illegal possession of a car or other vehicle without the purpose of embezzlement.” Art. 166 of the Criminal Code. In this situation, or imprisonment up to three years (art. , part 1), and if an angry “husband” popped up and you beat him, from 6 to 12 (same article, part 4), or an old case with me when I agreed to a seemingly harmless offer. To my boss, the director of a prestigious company, a man owed him a large sum of money. After negotiations, he agreed to repay the debts and asked me and my partner (we worked in the company as bodyguards) to go with him, collect the debt and take it to our boss so that he would not wander back and forth. We went (suffered us not easy). The mythical “man with money”, who should have the money of the debtor, naturally, was not in place. #RotormSurvival #RotormTactical #RotormMilitary #rotorm #best #tactical #survival #military #reviews #shop #online #fearless #products #gear #equipment #tactical equipment #survival tools #military gear - Free Image Hosting Rotorm - Tactical Products Waited all day. Toward night, the debtor drove us to spend the night in a hotel in order to collect the debt early in the morning. In the morning - nothing too. Our "guide" invited us to his home, they say, we will wait with me, and the "man with money" will come back later ... This now everything that happens seems more than strange, and then, after a two-day running around, I wanted only one thing - that everything would be over quickly. It was lunch time, and I asked our "guide" to go grocery shopping. The "Guide" agreed, only instead of the products he brought a police squad. He wrote a statement that we had extorted money from him, beaten, robbed, etc. We were taken away a salary that was never returned, put in Sailor's Silence, in which we had the honor to sit for four and a half months, until it turned out that the “victim” is a fraudster, a recidivist, himself on the wanted list, who had previously served a considerable number of years who robbed the woman with whom he lived, and committed many similar tricks. We were released, then the 145th article of the Criminal Code (robbery) was re-qualified to the 200th (arbitrariness) and 112th (intentional minor bodily harm or beatings), given for six months, amnestied, after which I was glad that the case ended like this, and not otherwise - we could easily serve an immeasurably longer period, although the investigation did not have any evidence other than the statement of the victim, who was wanted at that time. A typical example of what can happen to you if you suddenly get involved in a similar story. And there are a lot of such stories. For example, someone gave someone a loan. The deadline has come. The lender arrives at the meeting - and when transferring the money, the good uncle who lent the money is taken away for extortion. Such a “return” ... And even if subsequently the truth triumphs (in which little is believed) - health, time, nerves and, of course, money cannot be returned ... - Free Image Hosting best survival websites best military digital watch best military leadership books of all time best banks for military personnel best tactical watches best military homecoming surprises best survival lighter review best military museums in the us best military wallpapers best survival food to grow best tactical short sword best tactical flashlight with pressure switch best bipod for remington 700 sps tactical best online survival course best reviewed tactical gear on ebay best tactical scope best tactical shoulder bag best tactical gear to have best shot tactical best place to buy tactical bdus best tactical pants for the money best tactical fighting tomahawk best tactical stethoscope best survival knife 440c with kit best military workout program mossberg mmr ar-15 tactical best price best military hospitals best magazine extension for 930 tactical best military aircraft in the world 2020 best western military discount best military tactical knife best military g shock watches best survival fixed blade best tactical knee and elbow pads best firearms for survival ark survival evolved best settings best tactical led light best military boarding schools who makes the best tactical flashlights best tactical flashlight for self defense best tactical belt for the money best tactical ear protection best foods to stock for survival best mini tactical flashlight best military schools in the world best survival pocket knife best survival bracelet best military group best rechargeable tactical led flashlight the best tactical wwatches for the money best 308 tactical rifle for the money best bank account for military best place to buy military ball gowns best military marches best military dating sites free best optic for versa max tactical best banking for military best military socks best tactical hero fortnite best non-perishable foods for survival best military reserve pay best hair clippers for military cuts best survival mods sto best romulan ship for tactical best tactical scope mounts best military watch reddit best budget tactical belt ark survival evolved best flying dino best tactical belt setup

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Rotorm - Military Products Robbery. Up to four years in prison (which, you see, is also very unpleasant). If the case was in the apartment of “terpily” (of the victim, жар ’.) And if the situation can be classified as“ illegal entry into the home ”- the same article, part 2, from 3 to 7 years plus a heavy fine in the amount of fifty minimum wages. Another very popular article under the circumstances described above is 163. Extortion. This means that if you beat a person (same article, part 2 “Using violence”) without taking anything from him, but, according to the quick-witted “patient,” they demanded some things, or money, or something else (in order to stipulate a person, the situation is ideal - go ahead and prove whether I demanded anything from him) - from 3 to 7 years with confiscation of property. If nothing of the kind happened and you simply caused “deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm” (Art. 111, Part 1) - from 2 to 8 years, “moderate” (Art. 112, Part 1) - up to 3 years. And even if your lawyer succeeds in proving that at the same time you were “in a state of passion” (Article 113), the term of imprisonment is reduced by only one year - the maximum term of punishment for this is 2 years in prison. The Russian proverb “The law - that drawbar, wherever you turn, went there”, sadly enough, is one hundred percent valid. Everything that you read above, with a good lawyer (or if you have a lot of money and connections) can qualify as arbitrariness (Article 330, Part 1), the worst punishment for which is arrest up to 6 months (true, if your actions regarded as committed “with the use of violence or with the threat (!) of its use” (Article the same, part 2), then they can “solder” all five years of imprisonment). If the same actions are regarded as hooliganism (Article 213, Part 1) - the minimum that threatens you is to work for uncle one hundred twenty hours (or a fine). - Free Image Hosting best tactical hiking shorts best military checking accounts what is the best tactical xname best banks for military members survival endless best strategy best military of all time best military cell phone discounts best paying jobs for retired military best military documentaries on netflix best tactical trauma kit ark survival evolved xbox one best buy best survival pellet gun best tactical rifle bipod best affordable tactical knife best multitool for military best tactical flashilight 5 best military field watches best budget tactical fixed knife fallout 4 best survival stats best military generals of all time best tactical leg holster best outdoor survival book ark survival best map the best survival knife ever best tactical axe 2020 best small cheap tactical flashlight best military vehicles in the world best military pistol best survival knives best tactical light with green led best tactical watches 2020 best survival food bars best military force best tactical flashlight pistol best military bags best survival gear websites titanfall 2 best tactical best 1x6 tactical scope best survival airgun best military martial arts best degrees for military veterans best military submarine best tactical shotgun sights best military proposals best survival kit items best tactical jrpg what are the best tactical shooting gloves best tactical shotgun ammo

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