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Gaining muscle can be a very difficult task, for some more than others. There are a lot of parts that come together to effectively allow your body to gain the muscle that you want. While this is a more prevalent desire for men, women many times want to gain muscle as well! Muscle gain might make your scale go up, but it makes you look and feel much better! Here are a few tips to help you when trying to gain muscle. Eat More Calories When you are trying to lose weight the key is always taking in fewer calories than you burn. When you are trying to gain muscle the opposite holds true. If your goal is to add mass to your body then you need to be eating more. Most people think they are eating a lot, but when you sit back and look at it, it isn’t enough calories for the amount of muscle you want to gain. Just like when trying to lose weight, sit back and count out your calories. Sticking to an eating schedule is sometimes helpful as well. The amount you eat will be dependent on your body and how much muscle you are looking to gain, there isn’t a one size fits all answer.

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