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I read every one of his books, went into several of his seminars, as well as bought his Cashflow board sport. One of his teachings that stuck in my mind was a story about focusing on what you would like and where you would like to go. He gave his wife a unusual gift for the birthday one year... race car driving lessons. While this probably is not something she was dying to receive as her birthday gift, the lessons were shown to be more valuable in ways she could not have envisioned. You might be also interested in As she was learning how to push extremely quickly around an oval course, she repeatedly came close to crashing into the concrete retaining wall because she entered the first corner. After three or four times, her teacher who was sitting next to her in the passenger seat said,"If you want to prevent hitting the retaining wall, DO NOT look at it. Instead look in another direction in which you need to go - the inside lane of the track." "But I must check at the retaining wall in order to know where it is so I don't crash into it," she responded. "Actually, that is not how it functions. She got her speed up to nearly 200 mph from the straightaway and as she neared the corner she did as he said. She concentrated her attention on the interior of the track. To her entire astonishment, she easily steered the vehicle around the corner, avoiding the concrete wall. =>>>>>>>>>> The lesson? You drive in which you're looking. This metaphor is very fitting in all other aspects of life. Where you concentrate your attention is where you'll end up. If you pay attention to your lack of money, that's what you'll receive. Humans habitually concentrate most often on what is causing them pain, whether it's physical, psychological, financial, spiritual, or some other type of hurt. Mostly because pain grabs our attention more easily than it is opposite: relief. It is pretty difficult to focus on the absence of something. But the truth is that focusing on what causes you pain only increases the pain, maybe not the relief. By way of example, if you stub your toe your complete attention then goes to this painful toe. But, it's one small part of your body. Concentrate on the sore toe and the pain increases. Focus on the rest of your body that isn't painful and the pain magically diminishes. Where's your focus? Is it on the concrete barrier or can it be on the inside lane? Can it be on the parts of your body - and your life - that hurt or the elements that feel good? You can see more at Best Tonneau Cover | Top 12 Rated Truck Bed Covers Reviews

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