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As the company grew, the name changed to Alpina. The company later acquired other brands, including a small number of motorcycles, but the dual carburetor remained the signature of Alpina. Today, the Alpina name remains a familiar one, because of the company's long track record of innovation and the wide variety of models they have made. Alpina has a long history of producing some of the best performance cars, and today their products Used alpinas can be found on this website The Alpina design is the basis for the company's production cars today. The company first offered a single-carburetor version of the Alpina B3 in 1967. The B3 was later updated to a 2-liter two-cylinder engine. A new 3-liter twin-cylinder Alpina engine, produced in 1975, was the final variant. The original engine also powered Al Alpina's new dual carburetor system was designed to be very durable, easy to work with, and simple to maintain. Alpina dual carburetor systems were a popular choice for many European car manufacturers at that time and a number of Alpina-equipped BMWs have come into BMW's possession....

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