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- Summer will pass and the maple leaf will fall slowly onto the pavement. This means that it's summertime and parents of first graders will be wondering how to furnish their child's room. Anticipating these questions, we let you know in advance. 1. Desk First: The most important thing about furnishing a child's workspace is creating a place for them to do their homework. You'll need a very small, comfortable desk for that. That's right, a desk! It is able to take into account all the features of your newly-fledged first-grader and save his child's fragile spine and eyesight at the same time. In such a beautiful construction, as a school desk, everything is thought out in detail: and the footrest for the proper distribution of the load on the spine and the correct blood circulation, and table top, located at the right angle so as not to bend low, not to bend the posture and not "plant" eyesight. Of course, the old pre-revolutionary and pre-war examples of desks you can not buy now, but their modern prototypes - quite worthy instances. They are many: and French retro style, and German high-tech, with a stand for a computer keyboard, and many other examples worthy of attention, you just need to work hard to find with your child. 2. Light The second is plenty of light at your desk. For daylighting we recommend a desk close to a window so that the lighting is good during the day. For preparing lessons in the dark, you should buy handy lights such as a desk lamp. It is not necessary that the lamp should be on the table but it could be hung from the ceiling or attached to the wall, the main thing is that the light from such a lamp should completely cover the work surface and not just a part of it. I do not recommend screwing in such fixtures with energy-saving lamps, the light from them is dull and "blind", causing strain on the eyesight. LED bulbs are best for such luminaires. 3 Storage Third: you need to take care of the storage space for school things - backpack, books, notebooks, pens and anything else you need for your schoolwork. All these things should be kept separate from toys and your child should understand that play is play and learning is learning, and that school things should not be left lying around the house. The easiest way to buy a nice, sturdy hook for a backpack and decide together with your child where to put it. For school books and notebooks, you should also have some shelves and drawers. These may be shelves in a bookcase or simply shelves on the wall; a very practical solution is to buy a shelving unit with shelves and drawers and immediately separate the school work area from the rest of the room.

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