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Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Map

near 5225 Figueroa Mountain Rd, Los Olivos, CA 93441

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34.7463554838885 -120.088076591492 15 satellite
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Map shows all points of interest at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch near Los Olivos, CA.

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scott added
Mar 27, 2008

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apparently michael jackson had to sell it to pay lawyer's fees

scott, Mar 28, 2008

u r aweso52m8e michal we love u

kevin dowling, Mar 13, 2009

rip michael you are and always will live on in our hearts. Judy M

judy b, Jun 30, 2009


Fatimah Hassan, Jun 30, 2009

Your legacy will live on forever. We all love you! Rest In Peace Micael.

Zaakirah Hisle, Jun 30, 2009

RIP MJ...I hope people finally leavy U alone and let U Rest In Peace... God Bless U MJ...

Renee S, Jun 30, 2009

hope i can make it to the funeral :) r.i.p.

tjestine1123, Jun 30, 2009

Michael we love you beyond being fans, we love you like family---you are a flame that lights the world eternal, your spirit of love, charity, moves us to never forget and your great talent leaves us with a treasure chest of music and dance to remember you always. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.

Joan Wilder, Jun 30, 2009

we love you michael and we miss you dearly. RIP

Jun 30, 2009

dude..neverland should be open to the public like the hearst caste!!!!plz.i beg u

Jun 30, 2009

we will be there for sure!

cynbasan, Jun 30, 2009

Its a shame you had to die before people recognised you for the talented artist that you was and always will be. You were subject to a lot during your life and i'm sure some will continue now you've left this world. I'm sad that i will not get to use my ticket and see you perform, but MJ rest in peace. we will miss your mucical talent.

Wendy. Bham UK, Jul 1, 2009

i will always love u michael! u will always be in my heart! u will always be the best & most awesome singer/dancer in the history of the world! i truly miss u!

MICHAELS P.Y.T., Jul 1, 2009

Michael Jackson was a true ICON of the music industry. There will never be another superstar that gave so much to his fans. He will be sorely missed, My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and mostly the 3 kids. Your father will truely be missed. Long live Michael Jackson. As one of your true fans from the beginning your music will never dien

E San Diego, 01, July 2009, Jul 1, 2009

Michael we love and will miss you. I hope everyone could understand that you were a good heart ed person who wanted to change the world and everyone just needs to mind there business and worry about yourown problems.

fan for life, Jul 1, 2009

Michael you were the Best inside and out. Such talent and caring from your heart and soul. We can thank God now that you were here to share with us. I pray for your children. Thanks Michael for being you. Love you more

Jul 1, 2009

Anche in italia resterai sempre grande!

Francesco, Jul 1, 2009

You were always an angel...now you are an angel up above watching over all of us.

Jul 1, 2009

R.I.P.- hope you found what you were looking for and you're in a better place... Always been and will be the KING OF OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zara, Jul 1, 2009

Your were and always will be the most inovative, creative, talented, careing and kind person ive ever known. there will always be a place in my heart for u. U took the world by storm and put all ur passion into ur work and 4 that i am greatful. Ill miss u always, have the chilldhood u always dreamed of and RIP my dear friend Michael.

Athena, Jul 1, 2009

Rest In Peace!!! Now you can be happy! You dont need to please anyone! God will watch over your children.

Missy, Jul 2, 2009

im proud to say i lived in the time of the legend that is Michael Jackson. You were a musical genius and there will "never" be anyone like you again. you were my generation`s elvis but i dont think there will ever be another artist who could achive what you did in your short life! i hope all the gold diggers are happy for making your life so difficult God Bless You and Rest in Peace. you deserve it!

Dermot. Ireland, Jul 6, 2009

When Michael sang, it moved heaven and earth. The Arch Angel is gone. Much Love and peace to you Michael!

Kyle, Jul 6, 2009

we all love you soo much michael! i really hope that ur at peace! YOU'LL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!

Jacqueline Urias, Jul 7, 2009

MJ is not broke people maybe to people that already makes billions but he is not broke. just look at the big body cars they had all blk phanthoms and range rovers I never seen anything like that

Jul 8, 2009

If Michaek kids never went to school, did they all have home-schooling?

Jul 9, 2009


Jul 9, 2009

My allah bless you michael, you make everyone happy,we will not going to forget oyu michael. and i belive what la toya said, you have bean kill, my allah sure to us who responsible .

jamilkucing, Jul 13, 2009

RIP Michael...you will always be the King of Pop...and your music will NEVER be topped by anyone. You are the best there was, and the best there ever will be. We love you.

Joshua J, Toronto, Canada, Jul 14, 2009

God did this to him so that now all the children of the world will be safe from another pedophile!

RDB - SLO,CA, Jul 19, 2009

Michael Jackson you where the best. You will and always will be the king of pop. I love you to bits and i miss you. I think of you all the time i cry every night in bed. I love you. you where my insperation and you will live on forever. I will remember you all the time and you will be with me forever god bless you Michael i will see you in hevan. xxxxxxxx

Hannah McCulloch, Jul 23, 2009

I went to Neverland on 7-3! It is an amazing place. So peaceful! I can see why MJ lived there. I MISS HIM SO MUCH!

Ruth, Jul 25, 2009

Michael Jackson. Okaii,, So Maybe I Wasnt Borin In The Eighties. I Was Born In 1993.. Wen The Sex Accusations Came Out. I ALWAYS Said... Noone Knew But You And That Chandler. I KNEW Deep Down You Hadnt Done It. Your Music.. Your Voice. THE DANCE MOVES!!!! I Have To Say Michael You Were Utterly Brilliant And R.I.P Youre Kids Wont Go Near Joe. I Promise iiLoveeeYouu. MiisYouuMillions R.I.P Xxxx <3 <3

Hannah Evans Wolverhampton, Jul 26, 2009

michael jackson, im one true fan:) your a ledge and you will be rembered, MJ09 KOP' Loveyuu x

Emilyy, Jul 28, 2009

Michael we love u so much and we respect all your decisions and everything u do u were an inspiration for countless people and now your in a better place and your happy looking down on us. R.I.P we love u 4ever

melissa m., Jul 31, 2009

Michael I've loved you since the first time I saw you on TV. I miss you a lot, I miss your voice, your songs...there'll be no one like you Michael. I'll remember you every day of my life.

Mariela, Córdoba, ARGENTINA, Aug 9, 2009

RIP Michael,We love you FOREVER! Your music and your dance will be alive in our hearts!Thank you for your great talent.We miss you ! Marcela G.,8/20/ 2009

mARCELA, Aug 20, 2009

Hey, here is a cool entry on PublicEarth.com http://www.publicearth.com/places/historic-houses/michael-jackson-neverland Check out this site!!

larly, Nov 22, 2009

love you forever awsome good hearthed bb love you Michael..miss ya ! :(

KSM, Dec 6, 2009

I never will say goodbye ! I love you too much I think about you evertday Michael ! I will light a candle at Christmas for you RIP my Angel 1958 - Forever KM

Dec 6, 2009

Michael, you are my mentor, idol, best friend, confident, better half... my everything. I will admire, respect, miss, need and love you always and forever. Unconditionally. God blee you, angel!

Bogdana, Jan 5, 2010

Michael, you are the greatest artist and human being of all time. There will never ever be another even close to your greatness. I hope and pray for you to be finally at peace, happy and free to be Peter Pan...:) The world will never be the same without our KING, Michael Jackson.

Annais, Jan 5, 2010

imagine the life in neverland

cool454, Feb 12, 2010

There will be life in Neverland again! Wait and see... Michael, you are the best person on this Earth for me - now and forever! God bless you and your wonderful children! I'll never let you go!

tiux, Feb 21, 2010

You are still loved and remembered, Micheal. I know you are flying with the angels but we miss you here on earth.

Apr 28, 2010

i love you. you goon to soon

magdalena, Jul 3, 2010

michael i love you soo much. gone to soon my angel. i guess the world just wasnt ready for you. you were and ARE a gift to your fans and an angel. your completely innocent and i love you. RIP my love. your true fans were always there with you and we always willl be. including me! i love you and i need you michael. rest in peace. at least they cant hurt you anymore:( always remember you are loved! sleep now our angel. we love you michael.

megan(michaels fan for ever), Jul 9, 2010

I love you MJ always and I miss you. My heart is with you wherever you are.

Susie from Mexico, Aug 8, 2010

Michel jacson your my Idol!

ulio Rodriguez, Aug 22, 2010

I love you Michael Jackson, rest in peace darling!

Aug 24, 2010

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you back again. May you legacy live on forever in the hearts of those that loved you. Rest Now Sweet Angel, your soul is finally free...... Miss you.......xoxoxo

Patrica from Toronto, Aug 26, 2010

He Will live on forever no matter what everyone says may his soul rest peacefully and may his children live on to be healthy and happy

Oct 1, 2010

I love you MJ... If I make it to Neverland Ranch one day, im not leaving until I feel your presence surrounding me, making me feel at ease... Miss you and love you MORE xoxoxo

Marisa, Oct 4, 2010
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