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Bois-Rond Bouldering Circuit Map

near Corne-Biche, France

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48.387935947874 2.56506085395813 17 satellite
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From summitpost.org: "Bois-Rond is a bouldering area located in the Southern part of the Fontainebleau massif. It is on the East side of the Forêt Domaniale des Trois-Pignons (Trois Pignons Forest). About 50 rocks are usually climbed, most of them offering several routes with different difficulties. No boulder exceeds 5m." The map shows the 3 main circuits: Orange (AD), one of the two Blue circuits (D+) and the Red circuit (ED).

From summitpost.org

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Dec 5, 2007

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recreation, bouldering, fontainebleau, forest, foret domaniale de fontainebleau


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