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A MAD Pictorial Map of the United States - Front (MAD Magazine 1981)

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39.0277188402116 -97.470703125 4 satellite
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8904 × 62163.8 MBPNG

I found these raw assembled scans in a dieing torrent in 2010. Hash code A8A7DDE8FA744B3BEAB0E87C225669B45A4B767F The torrent creators comments where: “These are scans of a poster that came inside a MAD Magazine from 1981. The images are paletted as 16-color png's (only twelve colors used) but the palette is essentially matched to what the original looked like. The images are 3.5 and 3.75 megs, 6340x9040 and 8904x6216 pixels.” I liked this entertaining comedy map for my kid’s room but wanted a cleaner copy. I found a cleaned up copy of this same exact map elsewhere on Mappery but it was poorly cropped cutting off the bottom frame of the map and the reverse map showing Alaska, Hawaii, New York City and Los Angeles was not included. This map thought not cleaned up is more complete and I am also contributing the back.

Created 1981 by Aragonés
From MAD Magazine

Damon added
Sep 19, 2010

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